Terms of Trade


Delivery of Goods
The goods shall be deemed to be delivered to the address given to the carrier by the customer or consignee. The goods shall be taken as delivered if at that address a signed delivery docket for the goods is obtained from any person. The goods shall also be taken as delivered if no one is there to receive them and they are left at the property.

The customer warrants that all goods have been properly packed and labelled, failure to properly pack any goods shall render the customer liable for any loss or damage.

Hazardous Goods
The customer is to give prior notice and documentation of any hazardous, noxious, dangerous or inflammable goods capable of causing damage or injury to other goods or property or persons requiring carriage. If the customer delivers such goods to or causes such goods to be handled by the company without prior notice, the customer shall be liable for all loss or damage whatsoever caused and shall indemnify against all claims and expenses whatsoever.

Payment of Charges

  1. The customer must pay the company’s standard charges and those of any subcontractors engaged by the

    company and any other costs incurred or money expended by the company in connection with the goods.

  2. All contracts are made upon the basis that the work will be carried out in ordinary working hours. The company

    shall be entitled to make extra charges to cover any extra cost or extra time incurred due to necessary deviation

    from the most direct route on the part of the customer or consignee.

  3. Interest may be charged on overdue accounts. We also reserve the right to charge on any debt collecting fees /

    legal fees if such events occur.

  4. The carrier expresses the right to suspend services where the customer has arrears.

Notification of Claim
The carrier shall be under no liability whatsoever unless a written claim is received within 7 days after the date of dispatch, giving reasonable particulars of the event giving rise to the claim.

Terms and Conditions
1. The contract shall be at “Limited Carrier’s Risk” pursuant to the Contract and Commercial Law Act

     2017 and/or amendments unless:

    a. There is a written contract expressing the goods be carried at “Owner’s Risk” or at “Declared Value Risk”.
    b. The Act does not apply to the contract;
    c. The customer is a “carrier” in which case the contract shall be at “Owner’s Risk”.

2. The carrier reserves the right to refuse goods or a job for any reason. 

3. The carrier is not liable for any delays.
4. The carrier has the right to essentially “move” goods around.

The carrier may charge by weight, measurement or by item.

The carrier expresses the right to revise or withdraw any quote provided to the customer prior to collection.